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HB01-N – Monemedical


Patient Beds With Colonic Motor


  • The bed runs on power using 220/230 V 50 HZ.
  • When the power goes off, the bed has a continuous energy system and the battery backup   will start automatically.
  • Each  bed consists of 4 rails made of injection plastic covering all sides of the bed. These rails or barriers are capable of moving up and down or remain in a solid fixed position. When the rails are lowered, they are easily concealed under the bed.
  • Bed frame is made from power coated steel tubing 50*30*2 mm.Covering the bed frame is  ABS vacuum valve formed plastic. There are 4 of these plastic panels which cover the entire bed frame and are 3mm in thickness.
  • These panels have been developed to be removed with ease for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • The beds height,tredelenburg/reverse tredelenburg, movings of the footboard and headboards are all controlled electronically.
  • The beds have electronic CPR and manual CPR mechanisms better known as  (QR quick release) for emergency purposes.
  • There are lamps mounted under each bed  and are easily controlled by the control panel. This makes it safe for patients to use while getting up in the morning or going to bed at night.
  • The Nurse Control Panel is located on the side of the bed and is easily used by the nursing staff. All the tasks can be performed by the control panel and if required, positions on the bed can be locked and activated from the control panel by the staff.
  • · There are dampers and telescopic supports on the footboard  for reverse v and also v position.
  • The casters adjustment pedal is located at the foot of the bed. The casters can be adjusted in three positions, mobile, locked and directional lock.
  • There are revolving rubber bunpers at each corner of the bed.
  • The bed is supplied  with a 13x1.5mm chrome-nickel IV pole that is easily inserted in the two corners of the head of the bed. It also has two hooks for the hanging of saline.
  • Each bed is constructed with metal parts, which are painted with an electrostatic powder coating.  This protects against corrosion and extends the life of the product after baking at 200 º C.
  • The bed has a  bonnet made from ABS plastic, covering all the engine stands , wheel stands and bed chassis.
  • The bed’s footboards  and  headboards consist of  injection PP-PE plastic. They are also removable and have an easy clean feature.
  • All parts of the bed can be removed and easily disinfected
HB01-N – Monemedical ― Promed


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